Master the wedding day • Posing guide


Master the wedding day • Posing guide


A sweet guide with:

• practicable steps for the bride and groom session

• simple strategies to capture movement, intimacy, romance and humour during the couples session

• step by step process you can implement at each wedding or engagement session with examples


Movement, Intimacy, Still Poses, Difficult Couples, Actions, Instruction, Directing and Posing

10 pages with text and photographs by Madalina Sheldon

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Language: English

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To photograph a wedding means more than taking pictures at a wedding. Be prepared to master many tasks with empathy, professionalism, creativity, endurance, courtesy and admiration towards your client and their guests.

To photograph a wedding means telling it through pictures, just like telling a story. Whether a story is told through music, through words or photographs, there are a few rules that you should follow:

The story must be set in time and place.
Build a clear storyline that avoids chaos or gaps. 
Choose the right imagery just like a writer chooses the right words.
Keep your tone and the feeling consistent.  
Find an end at a natural stopping place.

‘MASTER THE WEDDING DAY’’ will guide you through an entire wedding day considering aspects like: workflow, light conditions, equipment, client interaction, posing and much more!