The Class • Online mentorship


The Class • Online mentorship



The Class is available in english and german for digital, analogue and hybrid shooters:

  • including unlimited access to all PDFs and worksheets
  • personal correspondence & advising fitted to your needs
  • personal feedback
  • 4 live webinars with Madalina just for you
  • available in german or english
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The Class consists in a 3 stage program which is very meticulously and individually accompanied by Madalina Sheldon in person. Each photographer who books The Class receives a unique and tailored working plan based on a detailed survey.  After booking the class, Madalina will contact you personally and you will start working together.The process implies a lot of work, brainstorming, challenges and correspondence which are split in three different phases.


I will get to know you better better as a person and artist. I will go through your portfolio, workflow, service, pricing list etc. Together we will decipher your personality, ideals and passions. Get ready to have quite a lot of tasks and challenges. We want to find out what you have to say, how and to whom

This is the first step forward establishing your brand identity and setting the preferences of your ideal client.

  • Our working plan will be based on a detailed survey which will be sent shortly after you have booked the class

  • E-Mail and webinar

  • We will decipher who is your ideal client

  • We will formulate your vision and message


We will together find the recipe and set the details which makes your portfolio, workflow, service and imagery unique.

  • Find the preferred lighting

  • Establish your editing style and set your own presets

  • Decode the imagery

  • Develop a smart workflow

  • Find the best posing methods for your clients

  • Choose the right equipment

  • Set your own pigments and textures

  • Formulate your promise and commitment to your clients

  • Design your service and products

  • Setting your pricing list and contractual agreement

  • Revitalising your online presence - website, blog and social media

  • E-Mail and webinar


Now it’s time that your passion and message comes through. We will together implement the gained signature in each of the following aspects:

  • Web presence

  • Client interaction and correspondence

  • Products & Packaging

  • Service

  • Online Persona

  • The collaboration with other vendors and artist

  • E-Mail and webinar

  • Marketing tools

  • Contacting other vendors

  • Keeping your inspiration and motivation alive!

  • E-Mail and webinar


Online workbook with clearly divided assignments, challenges, tasks and videos

Lifetime membership on the private facebook group

Templates & guides

Personal feedback and support

Questions and Answers

So will I do the work from home? Is that right?

Yes! At the beginning you will receive via e-mail a very detailed survey. Depending on the answers you will give, we will know where the journey might lead us.

Stage 1 is a very personal step, and I think this should be done mostly at home and with the ones who know you best. In this period we will still stay in contact through the weekly webinar.

Stage 2 is extremely intense, practical and full of information: Colours, editing, shooting, equipment, pricing, service, contractual agreement, social media and all those stuff you always wanted to know. 

Stage 3  is the final and concluding step of your journey. What we discussed and learned will be now translated directly into your portfolio, wording, websites, blog, social media. We will also finally spread the word about your rebranding and your OH SO lovely work! 

How long do I need for The Artistic Voice Class?

You can split your webinars and stages just the way you like! You will have my attention and you will receive on a weekly basis your "homework" and my feedback. I advise you to work your way through each stage at your own speed. Still, keep in mind that you wish to start living your vision and implement the knowledge as soon as possible. An ideal working plan should be:

Stage 1 • 1-2 Weeks

Stage 2 • 3-4 Weeks

Stage 3 • 1-2 Weeks

You will have to dedicate about 1 hour per day to successfully complete all stages.

Should you need more time to complete the course, no problem. You can still find answer to your questions in the private group and stay in touch with me until you have finished all stages. We are together in this! 

What if I have some or even a lot of questions?

I looove questions! So please keep them coming! The Artistic Voice Class is about you and your questions. I will be an open book. Use the private group and your own webinars to ask anything you want. Also, you can always contact me via e-mail!

I am a newbie / professional in the wedding industry. Will the class still fit my needs?

Definitively YES! No matter if you have just started or want to refine your style and clientele, this class will be fitted exactly to your needs and requirements.