WELCOME to The Pocket Workshop!

This workshop is meant to help your business grow and your art develop in an unique way! It is sweet and honest. I will first answer all your questions. Then we can have an inspirational walk together to practice what we talked about. The workshop is tailored to your wishes and can include the following topics:

• ask me anything
• portfolio, website, social media analysis
• short advising through the branding process
• finding yourself as an artist
• style and imagery
• pricing & contractual agreement
• editing & presets
• the workflow of a wedding
• equipment and shooting in different lighting conditions
• shooting together

The workshop includes beverages, snacks and one meal. Bring along: camera, laptop, pencil and paper! The workshop is for you and your best photographer friend, second shooter or assistant and will take place in my daylight studio. If you wish, I can travel to your destination, but please consider additional travel fees.  

After booking the Workshop, please use following form, so I can be prepared for your questions:

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Thank you

Thank you so much for booking The Pocket Workshop! I believe you will leave this honest workshop inspired, informed and enlightened. In the meantime please contact me anytime if you have other questions and wishes.


Welcome gift

Enjoy this small welcome gift. Please download your Client Checklist here.